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2D Camp: July 7th–11th, 2014

3D Camp: July 14th–18th, 2014

come make games.

Building on the success of last year's camp, the 2014 IU Game Development Camp is a powerful project-based opportunity to expose students to the exciting world of game development!

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We'll get to play and examine today's hottest indie games. What makes a game fun? Let's find out!

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Students go hands-on with powerful game development tools, to build their own custom projects!

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Guest presentations and other special sessions paint a picture of the games in the industry, the classroom, and the IU community.

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With a student to staff ratio of 8:1 or better, students will be able to receive one-on-one attention from our experienced counselors.

2D Camp

Resembling the 2013 IU Game Development Camp, the 2D camp week equips students with the ability to design and develop their very own 2D games, deployable to the web, PC/Mac/Linux, mobile devices, and more!

This camp puts a heavy focus on independent game development, and setting goals that have a realistic prospect of completion. Students will be able to walk away with the versatility to approach the creation of a 2D game of almost any design.

Check out the amazing work below the students built in last year's camp!

3D Camp

Being offered for the first time this year, the 3D camp week is designed to expose students to the tools used in order to create AAA (big budget) games by some of the largest companies in the game development industry.

Students will go hands-on manipulating objects and environments while exploring an advanced 3D game engine, as well as using 3D modeling software to create custom assets.

Unreal Engine 4 logo

The camp will likely be the first in the nation to be using the newly released Unreal Engine 4! It is the newest version of the tools that were used to create some of the world's hottest games, including the Bioshock series, the Mass Effect series, the Gears of War series, the Batman: Arkham series, the Infinity Blade series, among many others.

Be among the first in the world to pick up these cutting edge, next-gen tools!

Special Sessions

oculus rift virtual reality device

Experience Virtual Reality with the Oculus Rift

Students will get to try out the unreleased and highly anticipated Oculus Rift.

Veronica Gonzalez

My Career in The Video Game Industry: An Honest Perspective

Veronica Gonzalez


IU Alum Veronica Gonzalez has been in the video game industry for over 10 years. She has worked primarily as a designer on AAA titles such The Sims 3, as well as on mobile titles like Tiny Death Star and Family Guy. In addition to design, she has worked as a producer and a sound designer. Veronica has over 14 titles under her belt.

Sean Duncan

What's an 'indie game' and why should you make one?

Prof Sean Duncan

IU School of Education

Dr. Sean Duncan studies learning environments centered around games and play. He is the director of the Playful Culture Lab at IU, and has spoken at the world-renowned Game Developers Conference.

Terry Lewis smiling face.

The Trail to California: How I became a Game Programmer

Terry Lewis

EA Games

After having received his education at Indiana University, Terry has worked on several games as a programmer at Electronic Arts for 3 years , including The Sims series.

Professor Edward Castronova

The future of work: How game skills prepare you for tomorrow's careers

Prof Edward Castronova

IU Media School

Professor Castronova (PhD Economics) is the head of IU's new undergraduate major in Game Design, launching in Fall 2015. He will talk about the way game design skills lead into job opportunities in the coolest fields of work, including information, business, health, education, government, engineering, and research. All of these fields need people who can create digital interactive experiences. Professor Castronova will show some games that psychologists use to study how animals look for food, and how they apply these insights to people searching for information on the world wide web.

Hoosier Games 'HG' logo

Trials and Tribulations

Hoosier Games

IU Student Group

Hoosier Games is a student run organization which aims to bring together Bloomington-area students of various skill-sets to produce games in a collaborative, mock-industry environment. Using workflows like AGILE and SCRUM, along with encouraging best industry practice in all its departments, Hoosier Games hopes to turn its members into the industry veterans of the future.

Hoosier Games 'HG' logo

Vicious Cycles

Hoosier Games

IU Student Group

Hoosier Games is a student run organization which aims to bring together Bloomington-area students of various skill-sets to produce games in a collaborative, mock-industry environment. Using workflows like AGILE and SCRUM, along with encouraging best industry practice in all its departments, Hoosier Games hopes to turn its members into the industry veterans of the future.

Don Strawser

Entering the 3rd Dimension: The transition from 2D to 3D in games

Don Strawser

IU Media School

A lifelong gamer and IU graduate, Don has taught the History and Social Impact of Videogames for the IU Telecommunications department since 2005.

Ian Pottmeyer

Enigma Variations: Designing Puzzles to Support Player Experience

Ian Pottmeyer

Studio Cypher

Ian Pottmeyer is a co-founder of Bloomington game design company Studio Cypher, where he creates games that try to make the world a better place. Current projects include physical therapy and ultrasound training games.

⟨ More to Come ⟩

*Sessions may change camp week or be cancelled.

application information

We want you!

Please fill out the following form to the best of your ability in order to apply. After application is submitted, you will be redirected to the IU Conferences and Events payment page.

Outlined below are some important details:

  • Cost: $350 for each week.
  • Lunch is included as part of the camp.
  • Payment can be done online now by credit card after application is submitted. You may also pay by check or IU internal billing. Bursar payments are not supported.
  • Registration deadline is June 6th, 2014.
  • Payment must be received within 5 business days of application in order for us to reserve your spot. After that, other students may bump you to the waitlist.
  • All payments must be received by June 6th, 2014.
  • Full refunds will be issued until Monday, March 24th, 2014 11:59PM EDT; half-refund will be issued until Friday, May 16th, 2014 11:59PM EDT; no refunds will be issued after that date.
  • Date that camps may be cancelled, due to low enrollment, is June 9, 2014.
  • Please send any questions about payment or cancellation requests to
    gamecamp @

The Experience

Photo of the students and counselors in the IU Game Development Camp 2013.

[My daughter's] experience in the camp was FANTASTIC! To be honest, we weren’t sure if we were getting her in over her head or not, but she came home every evening with positive commentary and rolled out of bed early each morning with no complaints.

The game she produced was quite a bit beyond our expectations and, although she was shy about showing it off in public, she seemed very happy with what she had accomplished when she showed it to us at home

Thanks for your vision, your energy, and the support of your whole team—what a magical program. - Anna L.

Anonymous Student Feedback

the leaders of the camp were very nice and fun to talk to and clearly have a passion for games.

When I first arrived I knew nothing--now I feel like I can make a game.

i think the camp staff was very dedicated to all the kids in the camp and helped us all very much


Everyone was helpful, fun to be around and I really enjoyed that camp.

At least one of the staff always helped or had helpful information. All of them were awesome to have at the camp. Really made the camp.

Being able to learn to make a game, getting to experience that with other people, and, of course, playing video games.

Student Showcases

Here is some of the incredible work that the students of IU Game Development Camp 2013 were able to achieve in just three days.

(Projects are ordered randomly below each time page loads)

 thumbnail for Adrian Thompson's game Val

Val by Adrian Thompson

 thumbnail for Simeon Haley's game Space Run

Space Run by Simeon Haley

 thumbnail for Nikolaj Hmeljak's game The Unexpected Adventure of a Stickman

The Unexpected Adventure of a Stickman by Nikolaj Hmeljak

 thumbnail for August Spiegel's game

August Spiegel's game

 thumbnail for Melanie Goldstone's game Ok Go

Ok Go by Melanie Goldstone

 thumbnail for Robert Smart's game Cube Squared

Cube Squared by Nick Root

 thumbnail for Chase Alexander's game Tower Shooter 2000

Tower Shooter 2000 by Chase Alexander

 thumbnail for Aeson Akhras's and Michael Tosti's game City Simulator

City Simulator by Aeson Akhras and Michael Tosti

 thumbnail for Kyle McGraw's game TerraWar

TerraWar by Kyle McGraw

 thumbnail for Jacob Deboer's game Zombie Mission

Zombie Mission by Jacob Deboer

 thumbnail for Alex Taylor's game

Alex Taylor's game

 thumbnail for Robert Smart's game

Robert Smart's game


What are the pick-up/drop-off times for the camp?

We will have staff available to receive students beginning at 8:30AM each morning. Camp begins at 9AM. Camp activities end at 5PM each day, and we will have staff on-site between 5PM-6PM for pick-up.

Will my child be exposed to mature-rated content?

No, any media your child will be exposed to will be rated T for Teen or lower. Please see the ESRB’s Web site for more information.

What are the age restrictions for the camp?

We are targeting students 13 and up (entering High School and up). The mathematical and logical material might be out of reach for students much younger than 13, which might lead to an unsatisfactory experience. We are also trying to encourage collaboration and discussion and we feel students under 13 may not comfortably fit in with the older students, and vice versa. However, if the applicant doesn't quite meet the cut-off age, and you feel that he or she is a good fit, then feel free to email us at gamecamp @

Where are the camps located?

The 2D Camp's and sessions will be located at Ballantine Hall
(1020 E. Kirkwood Ave, Bloomington, IN, 47405).

The 3D Camp will be at the Wendell W. Wright Education building
(201 N Rose Ave, Bloomington, IN 47405).

Further instructions will be provided via email prior to the camp.

When will I receive additional information about the upcoming camp?

We sent out an important informational email on July 1st for the 2D Camp week to the email addresses supplied to us during your online registration. If for whatever reason you did not receive this email, and you have signed up for the 2D week, then email us at gamecamp @ as soon as possible.